WP SlimStat Version 5.2 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the release of WP SlimStat version 5.2. This update includes new features, important fixes, and several enhancements to improve your experience. Here are the details of what’s new in this version:

New Features

Maxmind GeoIP Update Source

  • New Option Added: You can now load Maxmind GeoIP data directly from jsDelivr without requiring a license. This new feature ensures that your geographic information is accurate and up-to-date, simplifying database updates.


Reset Factory Bug

  • Bug Fixed: An issue with the reset factory functionality has been resolved. This fix enhances the stability and reliability of the plugin.

Deprecated Warning

  • Warning Addressed: The Deprecated Warning has been fixed by ensuring the referer is set before parsing the URL, improving compatibility and reducing unnecessary warnings.


Vendor Libraries

  • Auto-loading and Cleanup: The auto-loading process for vendor libraries has been improved, and a comprehensive cleanup has been performed. These changes enhance the performance and maintainability of the plugin.

Utils Classes

  • Method Naming Improvement: The Utils classes have been cleaned up, and method names have been improved for better readability and consistency in the codebase.

Minor Improvements

  • General Enhancements: Several minor improvements have been made across the plugin to refine functionality and improve the overall user experience.

We hope these updates improve your workflow and address any issues you may have been experiencing. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

For more information and to explore the new features, visit our official documentation.