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The features that makes SlimStat one of the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress analytics plugin in the market.

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Privacy & Data Management


Our plugin is designed with strict adherence to GDPR regulations, ensuring that user data is handled with the utmost care and transparency. Validate your site's GDPR compliance with cookiebot.com for peace of mind.

Prioritizing Privacy

User trust is invaluable. Our system respects this by hashing IP addresses, thereby anonymizing user data and ensuring that privacy is always at the forefront.

Advanced Filters

Our advanced filtering system empowers users to capture only the most relevant statistics. Whether you want to exclude data from bots, specific IP ranges, or certain geolocations, our system provides the granularity needed for precision data collection.

Integration & Communication

Unified Network AnalysisPro

The Pro version offers a consolidated view across your entire network. This bird's-eye perspective ensures that no data silo goes unnoticed, allowing for holistic decision-making.

Integrated Network ToolsPro

The Network Analytics tool now seamlessly integrates previously separate functionalities. Existing users benefit from this streamlined approach and can obtain a new download code for enhanced usability.

Email DigestsPro

Stay updated without constant manual checks. Our Pro version can send regular email digests, offering concise, actionable insights, ensuring that you're always one step ahead.

Performance & Monitoring

Live Activity Tracker

Our real-time monitoring system allows users to instantly visualize site activities. This includes everything from server response times to individual page interactions. With this, you can make informed decisions on site improvements, ensuring optimal user experience.

Optimized for Caching

Slow websites deter users. That's why our plugin is tailored for compatibility with the industry's leading caching tools. Whether you use W3 Total Cache, WP SuperCache, or CloudFlare, we ensure that data collection doesn't hamper site speed.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Dynamic Short codes

The flexibility of our dynamic short codes means that reports can be seamlessly integrated anywhere on your site. Whether in a sidebar widget or embedded within a blog post, our plugin provides the integration ease you need.

Interactive World Map

Our interactive world map, powered by amMap, allows for intuitive visualization of global user origins. Suitable for desktop and mobile viewing, this feature provides immediate insights into your global audience.

User Engagement & Insights

Interactive Heat mapsPro

Visual understanding often trumps raw data. Our interactive heat maps highlight the most clicked areas on your site, offering a visual representation of user engagement and behavior.

User Activity ProfilesPro

Dive deep into registered user analytics. Track individual engagements, session durations, and more, ensuring you understand and cater to your most dedicated user base.

Data Export & Customization

Data Export Options

Catering to diverse data needs, our plugin allows users to download raw data as CSV files or visualize user interactions through heatmaps. For those with the Pro version, daily insights can be delivered directly via email, keeping you abreast of site trends.

Extended Data Views Pro

Customize your data view to your heart's content. Add custom columns to the User Overview widget, ensuring that your data presentation is as comprehensive as your data collection.

Geographical & Location Insights

Geographical Insights

By partnering with MaxMind and Browscap, our plugin provides comprehensive geographical data. Understand user behavior based on location, OS, and browser type, enabling targeted marketing and site optimization strategies.

Enhanced Geolocation Pro

The Pro version takes geographical data to the next level. By integrating with MaxMind's API, users gain access to granular geolocation insights, allowing for even more targeted strategies.