What’s Next for SlimStat? Let’s Talk!

Hey everyone!

First, big thanks for using SlimStat. We’re working hard to make it better for you. Want to see what we’ve done lately? Check it out here.

What’s Up Next?

We’re keeping things moving. More fixes, more updates, all to make SlimStat smoother for you.

Oh, and did you spot our new website? It’s not just about looking cool. We want to help you more with easy-to-read guides and better help when you need it.

Dreaming Big for SlimStat

We’ve got plans! Think fancy stats and a faster plugin. And hey, we need your thoughts! Got a cool idea or something you want? Tell us. We love hearing from you.

Thanks for being with us. Let’s make SlimStat even better together!


The VeronaLabs Team