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Updated on Jun 08, 2024


This process is triggered by the Javascript tracker when the browser sends data that is not correctly formatted.

Here’s what happens:

  1. The script checks if the required data (id and op) is missing or empty.
  2. If the data is not well-formed:
    • It triggers the slimstat_track_exit_102 action.
    • It sets the error code to -102.
    • It records an error message advising to clear the WordPress cache: “Invalid payload string. Try clearing your WordPress cache.”
    • It saves the current options.
    • It exits with the error code -102.0.

Here’s the code:

if ( empty( self::$data_js[ 'id' ] ) || empty( self::$data_js[ 'op' ] ) ) {
	do_action( 'slimstat_track_exit_102' );
	self::$stat[ 'id' ] = -102;
	self::_set_error_array( __( 'Invalid payload string. Try clearing your WordPress cache.', 'wp-slimstat' ) );