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Updated on Jun 10, 2024


The slimstat_maxmind_path setting specifies the filesystem path used to load and store the MaxMind GeoIP file. This is particularly useful in a network environment where you need a shared file.


self::$maxmind_path = apply_filters( 'slimstat_maxmind_path', wp_upload_dir() );


  • self::$maxmind_path: This variable holds the path to the MaxMind GeoIP file.
  • apply_filters(‘slimstat_maxmind_path’, wp_upload_dir()): This line allows you to modify the default path using the slimstat_maxmind_path filter. By default, it uses the WordPress uploads directory.

Use Case

If you want to store the MaxMind GeoIP file in a shared location on your network, you can use this setting to specify that path.

In simpler terms: This code sets up where the WP Slimstat plugin will look for the GeoIP file, which is used to get location information for your website visitors. By default, it uses your WordPress uploads folder, but you can change it if you need to share the file across multiple websites.