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Updated on Jun 10, 2024


This filter allows you to customize the country results provided by the geolocation feature. You can use it to replace the default geolocation results with your own.


$country = apply_filters( 'slimstat_get_country', 'xx', $_ip_address );


  • slimstat_get_country‘: The name of the filter.
  • xx‘: The default country code.
  • $_ip_address: The IP address of the visitor.


To use this filter, add your custom code to override the default country code based on the IP address.

add_filter('slimstat_get_country', 'my_custom_geolocation', 10, 2);

function my_custom_geolocation($country, $ip_address) {
    // Your custom geolocation logic here
    return $new_country_code;

In simpler terms: If you want to change how WP Slimstat figures out a visitor’s country based on their IP address, you can use this slimstat_get_country filter. It lets you plug in your own code to determine the country, instead of using what the plugin does by default.