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Updated on Jan 14, 2024

How to integrate with GDPR banner plugins?

To integrate Slimstat with GDPR cookie banner plugins to control the usage of the Slimstat cookie, you can set the Opt-Out Cookies / Opt-In Cookies settings accordingly. With this, you can control when the Slimstat tracking cookie will be added/removed in the user’s browser based on the settings the user selects within the cookie banner.

Example for Complianz Plugin

To control tracking behavior when using the Complianz plugin, add this settings to the Slimstat Tracker settings:

  • Opt-Out-Cookies settings: cmplz_statistics=deny, complianz_consent_status=deny
  • Opt-In Cookies settings: cmplz_statistics=allow

If you want to automatically remove the Slimstat cookie if the user changes the cookie banner settings to deny/deny statistics, you can add a Complianz mu-plugin script. See reload-after-consent.php . Add this script to wp-content/mu-plugins in your WP installation.