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Updated on Dec 13, 2023

Guide to Upgrading to SlimStat Pro

This guide is designed to help current users of WP SlimStat’s premium add-ons transition smoothly to our new, comprehensive add-on, SlimStat Pro. This upgrade process is simple and ensures that your data and settings are preserved.

Introduction to SlimStat Pro:

SlimStat Pro is an advanced, all-in-one add-on for WP SlimStat. It combines the features of our six existing premium add-ons into a single, more powerful, and user-friendly tool.

Steps for Upgrading:

Before installing SlimStat Pro, users must first remove their existing premium add-ons. This ensures a clean and seamless transition. The upgrade process involves:

  • Backing Up Your Site: We recommend backing up your WordPress site before making changes.
  • Removing Existing Premium Add-Ons:
    • Navigate to the WordPress dashboard.
    • Deactivate and delete each of the old premium add-ons.
  • Installing and Activating SlimStat Pro:
    • Download SlimStat Pro from our website.
    • Please make sure the legacy Add-Ons are disabled and removed in advance.
    • Install and activate SlimStat Pro on your WordPress site.

Data and Settings Preservation:

Your existing data and settings are important. During the upgrade to SlimStat Pro:

  • All your data and custom settings from the old add-ons will be automatically retained.
  • After activating SlimStat Pro, verify that all settings and data are correctly displayed.

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