Big News! SlimStat Pro

Guess what? Those add-ons for WP SlimStat you liked? They’re back! But we’ve mixed them all up into one awesome add-on called “SlimStat Pro“. Want to know what it does? Click here to find out more.

For Everyone Who Bought the Old Add-Ons

First, thanks for sticking with us! Here’s our thank-you gift: If you ever bought one of our old add-ons, you’re getting “SlimStat Pro” free for a year! Yep, for the whole year, you can use all its cool features.

And hey, we’ll drop an email soon with details about your new Pro license and your account stuff. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Got questions? No worries! Just drop us a line at [email protected]. We’re here to help.
Thanks for being awesome, and enjoy SlimStat Pro!

The VeronaLabs Team