A New Chapter for WP SlimStat: Welcome to the VeronaLabs Family!

We’re super excited to tell you something. Almost a year ago, we, at VeronaLabs, bought the WP SlimStat plugin. We want to give a big thanks to Jason Crouse. He’s the guy who made SlimStat what it is today, and we’re really happy to take it from here.

Maybe you’ve heard of us? We also made the “WP Statistics” plugin. Our dream is to make the best WordPress stat-checking tools. And here’s a promise: we always keep your data safe.

Now, with WP SlimStat and WP Statistics together, we think we can do even cooler stuff. We can mix the best parts of both tools to make something really special. But don’t worry, each tool will still have its own cool features.

We’ve got more news coming your way soon. We’ll tell you about the cool stuff we’ve done with WP SlimStat and what we’re planning to do next.

Thanks for being with us. New adventures are coming, and we’re glad you’re here for the ride!


The VeronaLabs Team